sext from Anonymous: favourite blog/blogger? favourite janoskians quote? favourite person on your dash? best friend on tumblr/in this fandom? funniest person you follow? favourite video? ox

favorite blog/blogger? 

  • in this fandom, welovelukeandjaibrooks because have you seen her edits they’re perfect ugh

favorite janoskians quote?

  • barely a quote but awkward train situations #2 when beau and daniel are humping, “choo choo ch choo choo” kills me omg

favorite person on my dash?

  • omg so hard but probably fyeahbeaubrooks or lukesbrooks cos they make me laugh

best friend on tumblr/in this fandom?

  • best friend on tumblr is hipstaharold even though we didn’t meet over tumblr whatever she’s ma main girl. best friend in this fandom is penolagods and everyone else in my faves list. 

funniest person you follow?

  • fyeahbeaubrooks & lukesbrooks

favorite video?

  • pedestrian crossing cos it was the first I saw 
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